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What To Do When Wife Has No Libido


What To Do When Wife Has No Libido


Coming face to face ⁣with the complexities of desire can often feel like untying a bewilderingly intricate‌ knot in the heart of your relationship. ⁢”What ⁢do you do when your spouse,​ particularly your wife, exhibits a plunge‍ in⁤ libido?” you might ask. Without any hesitation, we respond with ‍the idea:⁣ adopting a compassionate, understanding approach coupled with a sincere willingness to explore beyond the⁣ surface. As you navigate⁤ this ⁤intimate journey, keep in mind that ⁣it’s never ‌just about sex. It involves‌ an amalgamation of emotions, physical well-being, relationship dynamics, and even the social⁤ environment around her. Within this article, we provide you a step-by-step guide on tackling this issue ⁣with sensitivity, focusing on communication, connection, professional consultation and more.

Tread Gently

Walking on eggshells might seem like an apt way to describe this ‍part of the journey. When your wife’s‍ sexual ⁢interest takes a nose-dive, adopting a patient, understanding tone is paramount.‌ You ought to bear in mind​ that blaming, criticizing, or becoming angry about her lack of interest could end up pushing her further away. ⁣By establishing ​a ⁤non-judgmental‍ atmosphere, you create a ​safe⁢ space for your wife to share her feelings or thoughts.

Approach with Love, Not Lust

Steering through such sensitive ‍discussions requires exquisite tact and diplomacy. Barging in with demands or complaints could turn the conversation⁢ into⁤ a battleground. Instead, approach her with ‌an understanding heart, fuelled by love ​and desire‍ for her well-being. With this approach, it’s less about getting your needs met, and more about ‌seeking ways to help her regain her ‌sexual zeal.

Unpack The ‍Potential Causes

While a decrease in libido can simply be due​ to natural biological changes like ⁣age or ⁤menopause, it could also be a sign of underlying emotional turmoil, stress or physical health issues. Unpacking⁢ these possible causes may need a Sherlock Holmes approach. Make sure your‍ wife knows you’re on her team, ready to get to the⁣ bottom of this together.

Identify the Emotional Elephants

Emotional stressors such as‌ anxiety, depression, or feelings of ‍low self-esteem ⁢could be tempering her interest in intimacy. Your support and understanding can make a world of difference ​in managing these burdens. You can help her develop coping strategies or encourage her to seek professional assistance if necessary.

Engage​ In Non-Sexual Intimacy

Sometimes, retreat is the best strategy. Consider stepping back from ⁤sexual intimacy to focus on other forms of⁢ connection.​ Holding hands, cuddling, sharing​ secrets or engaging in shared hobbies can ‌bolster emotional ‍intimacy,⁢ creating a firm foundation upon which sexual desire ‍can rekindle and ⁢thrive.

Tune Into Her Love Language

If you’ve ever read Gary Chapman’s “Five Love Languages,” this is the perfect time to dust off that mental tome. Understanding whether your wife ​values acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, or physical touch can help you connect with her‌ in ways she cherishes most.

Seek Professional Help

Finally,⁢ there’s no shame​ in​ seeking outside help. A professional counsellor or a sexual health expert can provide invaluable insights ‍and strategies. They can ⁣help you both understand the cause of the decline in her libido, and ⁢provide targeted solutions to regain ⁢her sexual interest.

Therapeutic Triumphs

Therapeutic sessions can aid in debunking myths, ‌dismantling ⁢unhelpful beliefs about sex, or even facilitating structured therapy-based dialogues further⁣ steer you both towards a beneficial‌ resolution to ⁤alleviate her low libido.


In the⁤ dappled landscape of⁣ marriage, periods‍ of low libido should not be seen as insurmountable mountains but as opportunities for growth, ⁣communication, and enhanced intimacy. Your wife’s ​lack ‌of sexual interest​ isn’t a​ closed door, but perhaps a road diverted, leading to better understanding, profound empathy, and​ deeper connection. Remember, beneath the layers of confusion and concern, your love for each other remains the most compelling reason to unravel the situation together⁢ and restore passion ⁢in your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can cause a decrease in female libido?

⁢ It can occur due to a variety of reasons ranging from hormonal imbalances,‍ stress and fatigue, to mental health issues and ‍certain⁤ medications. Relationship ⁣factors can also affect‍ libido.

2. Can low libido be a sign of some underlying health issues?

Yes, it ‌can be. ‍Conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases or neurological disorders can cause low libido.

3. How ⁣can I help my wife if she has low libido but doesn’t want to⁤ talk about it?

⁤ It’s vital to make her ⁤feel safe and avoid pressure. Seek professional help, even if it’s⁢ initially without her.

4. Does menopause affect female libido?

Yes, hormonal changes during menopause can lower sexual desires.

5. Can lifestyle changes improve low libido?

Absolutely, regular exercise, a ⁣healthy diet, ​stress⁤ management, and maintaining a positive body image can ‍do wonders for low libido.


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