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How To Increase Libido While On Birth Control Reddit



How do you boost your libido‍ while on birth control? Many⁣ women wonder about⁤ this, as birth control can sometimes have unintended side effects such as ⁤decreased sex drive. Some ⁤people say it’s‍ all about finding a⁢ balance,‌ recognizing that libido is not just physical, but ‌also emotional ‍and mental. Imagine being in⁣ the driver’s seat of your sexual desires, even with hormonal contraceptives in the mix. This article aims to guide ⁢you through the‍ ways to increase your libido while on birth control, diving into ‍natural remedies,⁤ lifestyle choices, and mental wellness strategies that can​ boost your ⁤sexual desire.

Rethinking ‌Routines and​ Remedies

Let’s start by looking ⁤at some natural remedies and lifestyle choices⁢ that⁤ can‍ help. Like a garden diligently tended to, your ⁤libido craves attention and care. ​Nurturing​ it not only from a medical ⁣perspective‌ but also through daily life​ choices can make a significant‍ difference in maintaining sexual interest while using birth control.


Practicing mindfulness, or staying⁤ focused and⁤ present during intimate moments, can enhance your overall ​sexual experience.⁤ Imagine being engrossed in every sensation, ‍savoring ‍every moment with your⁣ partner⁤ – this mindfulness can help rekindle‌ your libido.

Finding a Balance ⁣in‌ Food and Fitness

How we treat our⁤ bodies significantly impacts our libido. It’s like our body is an engine, and food and fitness are its fuel and maintenance. Eating a healthy diet ​and ⁢staying physically active don’t just keep us in prime ‌condition, they also ⁢keep ⁣our sexual⁤ energy humming along.

Physical Activity

Simple changes such as⁢ incorporating regular exercise into ⁢your routine can⁢ make quite a difference. Think of it as ‌the oxygen that fuels your‌ libido’s flame. Exercise releases endorphins, often called “feel-good“⁢ hormones, which can boost mood‍ and increase your sense ⁤of ​well-being, thereby enhancing your sexual‌ desire.

Emotional Equilibrium

Bear in mind, your libido is‌ a complex ‌piccolo ⁢playing in the orchestra of your overall well-being. Your emotional health is ‍an instrumental note. Managing stress and ensuring good mental⁤ health can ‍be‌ key to‌ maintaining a healthy libido while ‍on birth control.

Open Communication

It goes without saying ‍that open communication ‌is essential ⁢-⁢ it’s like the backbone of⁣ a healthy sexual‌ relationship. ‌Discussing ⁤your emotions, preferences, and concerns ⁤about birth control with your​ partner can‍ help ⁢create an understanding and ​supportive ⁤atmosphere, inevitably reflecting positively ⁢on‌ your sexual desire and experience.

Considering the Contraceptive

Lastly, if none of‌ the above methods seem to help, it ⁤might be time to⁣ revisit your birth control ⁤choice with your doctor. It’s similar‍ to finding⁣ the‍ right ⁣shoes – not ⁤every style fits⁤ everyone. Different contraceptives can have different impacts on libido, and it may be beneficial to explore‌ other options too.

Negotiating with the ⁢Doctor

Don’t be⁤ shy to‌ talk​ openly with ‌your healthcare provider ⁤about your birth control’s effect on​ your sexual drive. This transparency allows you both to​ work together, like a culinary‍ connoisseur pairing the perfect cheese with the ⁢right wine; there’s a contraceptive for every woman’s needs.


So, how do you enhance your libido⁣ while on birth control?⁤ It’s all‌ about balance and understanding⁢ that libido ⁣doesn’t operate in a vacuum. It’s both a mental and physical experience, influenced by your​ lifestyle, emotional well-being, and the⁢ contraceptive you use. Bridging these ⁢dimensions ⁣could help get your sex drive up ‍and running⁤ again,⁣ even ​while on ‌birth control.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ‌it common to ⁢experience a drop in libido while ‍on birth control?

Yes,⁣ some women do report a ⁢decrease in libido while using hormonal birth control,⁣ but it’s not the same for everyone.​

2. Can changing my diet improve my libido?

Yes, a ⁣balanced diet that‍ includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein‍ can help ⁤to boost your⁤ overall​ energy level and potentially ‍your libido as‌ well.

3. Does‌ exercise really improve sexual ‍health?

Exercise can boost mood,​ increase energy, reduce stress, and stimulate sexual arousal, so yes, it can ⁣impact⁣ your sexual health positively!

4. ⁢ Can my birth control choice impact my sex drive?

Different hormonal contraceptives can have different effects⁣ on sex ‍drive. If ⁣you think your birth control is⁢ affecting your libido, it’s important to‌ discuss this with your healthcare provider.

5. ⁣ Can practising mindfulness enhance my sexual⁣ experience?

Being ‍present and focused during intimate⁤ moments can help ​you connect⁤ more ‍deeply with your partner, potentially ​enhancing your ⁣overall sexual experience ‌and boosting your libido.


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